VIENNA (AT), JULY 11TH 2013 CONFERENCE ON: Quality of Plants for Food Supplements


Quality of Plants for Food Supplements
Institute of Animal Nutrition and Functional Plant Compounds
University of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinärplatz 1A-1210 Vienna, Austria


The quality of food supplements made from plants is an ongoing subject of debate inside the European community. These products are usually a complex mixtures of ingredients derived from plants of different origins and composition, and the quality of products can be affected by a countless number of factors including the incorrect identification of the plant species, the presence of naturally present compounds of some concern, unintentional contamination by biological, physical or chemical contaminants, or fraudulent adulteration with other plants and/or the addition of illegal substances. Furthermore, the application of good agricultural and collection practices and effective implementation of quality control systems of the original raw plant ingredients can prevent losses of quality during processing and help maintain the safe and consistent production of botanical food supplements.


The specific quality issues of plants for food supplements has been addressed and discussed in occasion of the conference dedicated to the Quality of Plant food supplements in Vienna last July 11 2013 and hosted by the Institute of Animal Nutrition and Functional Plant Compounds University of Veterinary Medicine.


The conference has tackled the various aspects comprising the quality of plant food supplements including product composition and analysis, the genetic identity from plants to final products, phytochemical identity and profiles of herbal raw materials and preparations, and analytical Identification of contaminants and substances of concern.


The conference provided an excellent opportunity to analise the necessary requirements to ensure high quality finished products and quality needs of herbs and PFS for the EU market.


PlantLIBRA has wanted through this event promote awareness in the quality practice in all stages of production of food supplements containing botanicals and botanical preparations and share with Austrian competent authorities, scientists, SME and food operators the quality related results being investigated by PlantLIBRA and its partners


More than 40 participants coming from all EU countries, principally of east EU countries, have animated the conference with a very brilliant debate.

Another Plantlibra success.


Quality of plants for food supplements: a general introduction
Chlodwig FRANZ Download

Creation of Network of Laboratories
Brunella Carratù Download

From Plant Raw Material to Final Products: Indentifying Plant Food Supplements by their DNA
Corinna Schmiderer and Johannes Novak Download

Botanical identity of specialty ingredients: a scientific and industry perspective
Leila FALCAO (Food Science PhD) Download

Austrian market situation: national experiences
Markus Zsivkovits (MScTOX) Download

Analytical control of biological, heavy metal and chemical contaminants
Monica Florescu and Mihaela Badea (University of Brasov, Romania) Download

Analytical identification of substances of concerns
Patrizia Restani Download

PlantlLIBRA project introduction
Patrizia Restani Download

Phytochemical identity of herbal raw materials and preparations
Hartwig Sievers (PhytoLab) Download